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The Camellia belongs to the Theaceae family. They are found Japan, Himalayas, Indonesia and in many parts of South East Asia.


Gardenia is a flower that belongs to the coffee family. It is found in Africa, Madagascar and some parts of the Pacific Islands.

Mary Gold

Mary Gold is a plant that bears flowers of many colors. They belong to the hibiscus family and are found in many parts of the world.


Tulips are bright colored flowers that come in many colors. Tulips are often referred to as one of the most beautiful flowers in the world.

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Top 10 most pleasant smelling flowers


Wisteria is a climbing flowering plant which mainly grows in the U.S, Japan, Korea, and China. The stunning flower opens up in different shades of pink, purple and white. The wisteria flower shows a striking resemblance to grape-like clusters. It is during the period of blooming that the flower produces a sweet, pleasant smell.

Frangipani is a type of tropical flowering plant home to South America, Mexico and Pacific, and the Caribbean Islands. The frangipani is the national flower of Nicaragua. The sweet fragrance of the flower becomes intense at night as compared to the day. The sweet smell is seen to attract sphinx moths for pollination. Frangipani is mainly used in boutiques and spa due to their pleasant and relaxing aroma.


Sweet alyssum
The annual blooming, tiny flower is native to Mediterranean region. The flower possesses dense clusters along with small flowers in yellowish and white colors. The flower produces an attractive, pleasant smell during the spring season. These flowers are typically used to make bouquets.

Sweetpea is a great, fragrant annual flowering plant native to the Mediterranean region. The flower blooms in winter and spring and gives off a strong pleasant smell. Such flowers can be found in gardens due to the popularity of strong aroma. They are used for making bouquets as well.

Four o’ clock
The flower is named after its evening blooming nature which continues for the night. The flower produces a quite intense fragrance upon blooming. The scent will remain in the surroundings till the warm goes off.

Chocolate cosmos
Unlike other aromatic flowers, the chocolate cosmos produces a pleasant vanilla scent. The flower has a reddish brown color. The flower is named after its chocolate-like color and fragrance. The flower is found in Mexican regions and typically blooms at night. The flower produces a more strong aromatic sensation in summer as compared to other seasons.

Gardenia is native to the tropical regions of South Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is a waxy smelling flower. The flower is mainly used in wedding ceremonies due to its fragrance and beauty. It is often used to make perfumes as well.

Lily of the valley

The delicate flower is native to North Asia and member of the lily family, lily of the valley is famous for its beauty and pleasant fragrance. It is mainly used in the production of perfumes because of its sweet smell.

The beautiful small flower is native to tropical regions across the globe. It is without a doubt one of the most famous pleasant smelling flowers in the world. It has a wide range of uses ranging from production of perfumes, cosmetics and availed in ceremonies and aromatherapy.

Roses are without a doubt the most popular pleasant-smelling flower across the globe. Over 100 different species of the flower exist located across Asia, Europe, and North America. It is present in every garden and widely used in ceremonies and making of perfumes and cosmetics.

World’s smelliest flowers

smelliest flower

Titan Arum
The flower is nicknamed corpse flower and is native to the equatorial rainforest of central Sumatra in Western Indonesia and is considered as the smelliest flower in the world. True to its name, the flower smells like a rotting corpse. Fortunately, the flowers bloom only every 4-6 years and last about 24-48 hours at a time. However, the smell of rotten flesh can linger in the air for days after. The Titan Arum flower can grow up to 3 meters and is not one single flower, but thousands of tiny flowers.


Eastern skunk cabbage
The eastern skunk cabbage is prevalent in the wetland soils of eastern North America. The name is owed to the fact that the plant stinks like a dead skunk. Due to the smell which is given off, the flower can lure in flies for pollination and attract pollinators by mimicking a fresh corpse. Apart from its horrible stench, the flower has other attributes including medicinal purposes for treatment of asthma, epilepsy, and coughs. It can source its heat by allowing it to come up from snow covered ground.

Rafflesia Arnoldii
Considered as the second of the corpse flower, the Rafflesia Arnoldii is the single largest flower anywhere in the world. It is a mountain of a flower as it can grow up to 1 meter in diameter and weigh up to 11 kilograms. Despite its stench, it is a protected species in Indonesia and is one of the three national flowers.

Stapellia Gigantea
Nicknamed as the Carrion flower, the Toad flower, and Zulu Giant Starfish flower. The South African plants give off a rotten stench that lures in maggots and flies. The plant resembles a cactus and blooms in September producing large, fleshy, five-pointed stars. The flower is covered in white hairs and is believed to mimic the smell of rotting flesh of a dead animal.

Dead horse arum lily
This particular flower smells like a dead horse. On a typical sunny and warm day, the flower will tend to unroll and release such stench. Upon doing this, the female flowers are receptive and lure flies within the hairy spadix where they are trapped for a day. On the other hand, male flowers shed their pollen and flies covered in pollen will go on to cross-pollinate another dead horse arum lily.

Hydnora Africana
The fleshy flower is a parasitic plant found in Southern Africa which grows entirely underground. The red colored flesh of the flower gives off a horrible stench similar to feces. The flower typically sprouts from the ground covered in dung beetles that are lured in due to its strong smell. The beetles are trapped in flower by downward pointing hairs and spill out when the flower opens up. Such flower is also termed Stinking Root Parasite.

Most beautiful aquatic flowers in the world

aquatic flower

Water poppy
Water poppy is a floating aquatic plant native to South America. The plant is characterized by its dark green leaves, round shape, beautiful lemon yellow flowers with a red-brown center. Due to such majestic characteristics, it makes it a great addition to beautifying your water garden. The flower can quickly grow in shallow ponds and bloom continuously in summer.

Broadleaf arrowhead
Its broad arrowhead-shaped leaves identify the broadleaf arrowhead aquatic flower. It produces beautiful white flowers which can be found in three or more flowers arranged around a stem in a whorled arrangement. The plant grows well in swamps, shallow waters, and streams. It is nicknamed as duck potato.

The pickerel weed is a perennial, deciduous aquatic plant native to the Americas. It is commonly located in the ponds, streams, and marshes of Nova Scotia, Ontario, Missouri, Florida, and Oklahoma. Its long shiny heart-shaped leaves characterize the plants and produce tiny, tubular blue flowers present on spikes. It not only adds beauty to your water garden but attracts beautiful butterflies as well.

Water Hawthorn
The attractive water hawthorn aquatic plant gives off a pleasant aroma and produces tiny white flowers. In addition to the flowers, water hawthorns possess long, narrow floating leaves. It is considered a favorite addition to water gardens and can be used as an aquarium plant as well. When the plant typically blooms, it produces a vanilla sort of fragrance.

Water hyacinth
The attractive floating perennial plant is home to tropical South America. It has distinctive characteristics such as thick, glossy round shaped leaves along with striking blue and violet flowers. The plant grows relatively well in streams, lakes, ditches, and ponds.

The lotus is without a doubt one of the most famous and attractive aquatic flowers. The flower is considered to be a sacred flower for Buddhist. Lotuses can grow well in lakes and shallow ponds, although it cannot thrive in cold climatic conditions since they need a constant source of sunlight. The flowers come in beautiful shades of pink or white. The majestic flowers do tend to produce a fruity fragrance.

The outstanding water lily is perhaps the most beautiful aquatic flower in the world. This perfect aquatic flower comes in several shades of color and types. There are a total of 70 different types of water lilies species around the globe. These flowers can flourish in ponds, ditches and shallow water bodies across temperate and tropical regions of the world. Water lilies are renowned for their broad, round shaped leaves and attractive, colorful flowers such as red, white, pink, peach, yellow, purple, blue and orange.

Most expensive flowers in the world

expensive flower

Kadapul flower: priceless
The kadapul flower is technically a cactus. The kadapul flower is located and found only in the regions of Sri Lanka. It is without a doubt the most expensive flower ever to exist, why? It is priceless as this flower is unbelievably rare and the stunning white flower blossoms at night and survives merely for a few hours, making it impossible to catch a glimpse of it. Unlike other rare flowers with expensive price tags, this near-mythical species has never been up for sale.

Juliet rose: £10 million
The bloom of this flower is sporadic in the modern world. Today it fetches an extravagant price tag of £10 million. Back in the year of 2006, one grower sold his bloom of julliet rose for a jaw-dropping $15.8 million after harvesting it for over 15 years.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid: £160,000
The orchid flowers tend to bloom only once in every four to five years. It takes its name from the university at which it was created. Scientists have spent over eight years formulating the delicate bloom and ended up fetching a staggering £160,000 at an auction in 2005.

Orchids, lilies, moonflowers, and a 100-year-old ficus: £80,000
It might seem like an awkward combination, these flowers together once commanded a combined value of £80,000 when arranged in a single ceremonial bouquet. Along with the root of a 100-year-old ficus which was surrounded by beautiful white flowers, the said bouquet contained 90 2 carat ruby facets, 9 one carat diamonds and 21.6-carat star ruby.


Gold of Kinabalu orchid: £3,800
Since the gold of Kinabalu is considered endangered, the orchid can be observed in a fenced off area of the Kinabalu national park in Malaysia. This orchid can take over 15 years to flower owing as to why it fetches its £3,800 price tag. It is currently claimed to be on the verge of extinction, as a result, could end up pushing its prices higher.

Tulips: £3,600
In the early 17th century of Holland, tulips had become extremely wealthy and fashionable which resulted in rich Dutch flower lovers going crazy over them. Prices soared extremely high during that period and resulted in steep price tags for them.

Saffron crocus: £760-950 per pound
Often framed as being more valuable than gold, the bright red stigma of the saffron crocus is separated and removed which is then used as a spice in different cuisines across the globe and giving the flowering plant a tremendous value.

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