aquatic flower

Most beautiful aquatic flowers in the world

Water poppy
Water poppy is a floating aquatic plant native to South America. The plant is characterized by its dark green leaves, round shape, beautiful lemon yellow flowers with a red-brown center. Due to such majestic characteristics, it makes it a great addition to beautifying your water garden. The flower can quickly grow in shallow ponds and bloom continuously in summer.

Broadleaf arrowhead
Its broad arrowhead-shaped leaves identify the broadleaf arrowhead aquatic flower. It produces beautiful white flowers which can be found in three or more flowers arranged around a stem in a whorled arrangement. The plant grows well in swamps, shallow waters, and streams. It is nicknamed as duck potato.

The pickerel weed is a perennial, deciduous aquatic plant native to the Americas. It is commonly located in the ponds, streams, and marshes of Nova Scotia, Ontario, Missouri, Florida, and Oklahoma. Its long shiny heart-shaped leaves characterize the plants and produce tiny, tubular blue flowers present on spikes. It not only adds beauty to your water garden but attracts beautiful butterflies as well.

Water Hawthorn
The attractive water hawthorn aquatic plant gives off a pleasant aroma and produces tiny white flowers. In addition to the flowers, water hawthorns possess long, narrow floating leaves. It is considered a favorite addition to water gardens and can be used as an aquarium plant as well. When the plant typically blooms, it produces a vanilla sort of fragrance.

Water hyacinth
The attractive floating perennial plant is home to tropical South America. It has distinctive characteristics such as thick, glossy round shaped leaves along with striking blue and violet flowers. The plant grows relatively well in streams, lakes, ditches, and ponds.

The lotus is without a doubt one of the most famous and attractive aquatic flowers. The flower is considered to be a sacred flower for Buddhist. Lotuses can grow well in lakes and shallow ponds, although it cannot thrive in cold climatic conditions since they need a constant source of sunlight. The flowers come in beautiful shades of pink or white. The majestic flowers do tend to produce a fruity fragrance.

The outstanding water lily is perhaps the most beautiful aquatic flower in the world. This perfect aquatic flower comes in several shades of color and types. There are a total of 70 different types of water lilies species around the globe. These flowers can flourish in ponds, ditches and shallow water bodies across temperate and tropical regions of the world. Water lilies are renowned for their broad, round shaped leaves and attractive, colorful flowers such as red, white, pink, peach, yellow, purple, blue and orange.