Top 10 most pleasant smelling flowers

Wisteria is a climbing flowering plant which mainly grows in the U.S, Japan, Korea, and China. The stunning flower opens up in different shades of pink, purple and white. The wisteria flower shows a striking resemblance to grape-like clusters. It is during the period of blooming that the flower produces a sweet, pleasant smell.

Frangipani is a type of tropical flowering plant home to South America, Mexico and Pacific, and the Caribbean Islands. The frangipani is the national flower of Nicaragua. The sweet fragrance of the flower becomes intense at night as compared to the day. The sweet smell is seen to attract sphinx moths for pollination. Frangipani is mainly used in boutiques and spa due to their pleasant and relaxing aroma.


Sweet alyssum
The annual blooming, tiny flower is native to Mediterranean region. The flower possesses dense clusters along with small flowers in yellowish and white colors. The flower produces an attractive, pleasant smell during the spring season. These flowers are typically used to make bouquets.

Sweetpea is a great, fragrant annual flowering plant native to the Mediterranean region. The flower blooms in winter and spring and gives off a strong pleasant smell. Such flowers can be found in gardens due to the popularity of strong aroma. They are used for making bouquets as well.

Four o’ clock
The flower is named after its evening blooming nature which continues for the night. The flower produces a quite intense fragrance upon blooming. The scent will remain in the surroundings till the warm goes off.

Chocolate cosmos
Unlike other aromatic flowers, the chocolate cosmos produces a pleasant vanilla scent. The flower has a reddish brown color. The flower is named after its chocolate-like color and fragrance. The flower is found in Mexican regions and typically blooms at night. The flower produces a more strong aromatic sensation in summer as compared to other seasons.

Gardenia is native to the tropical regions of South Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is a waxy smelling flower. The flower is mainly used in wedding ceremonies due to its fragrance and beauty. It is often used to make perfumes as well.

Lily of the valley

The delicate flower is native to North Asia and member of the lily family, lily of the valley is famous for its beauty and pleasant fragrance. It is mainly used in the production of perfumes because of its sweet smell.

The beautiful small flower is native to tropical regions across the globe. It is without a doubt one of the most famous pleasant smelling flowers in the world. It has a wide range of uses ranging from production of perfumes, cosmetics and availed in ceremonies and aromatherapy.

Roses are without a doubt the most popular pleasant-smelling flower across the globe. Over 100 different species of the flower exist located across Asia, Europe, and North America. It is present in every garden and widely used in ceremonies and making of perfumes and cosmetics.